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Our Services

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Computer Forensics

Not everything lost is gone.
Whenever someone uses a device, sends an email, or uploads a file they leave a digital “footprint” of what they’ve done on their device. Finding these digital footprints is what Vestigant does. Through the use of specialized computer forensic tools Vestigant can acquire copies of electronic media—including computers, portable devices, servers and removable media—and forensically analyze it to determine what digital data and evidence may exist. And even if data appears “lost” it is not always gone. Vestigant is retained often to work on difficult forensic matters after other firms have been unsuccessful in retrieving data.


Electronic Discovery

Both state and federal courts require parties to litigation to produce and preserve electronic data for discovery. But what constitutes electronic data? Where is it stored, how should you preserve it and who is responsible for its preservation? Vestigant’s team is ready to help you and your clients identify what electronic data may exist, how to locate it and the best way to preserve and produce it. Our experts also consult with clients routinely regarding 30(b)(6) witnesses and assist with depositions.

Litigation Counseling


Sometimes it’s what an attorney or client does or doesn’t know that can win or lose a case. For example, did your client use their personal device at work? Is the data on this device subject to a company’s data ownership or email policy? Vestigant’s experts have consulted on thousands of cases and have helped attorneys and clients navigate successfully the complex digital legal landscape with effective litigation strategies.

Expert Testimony

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Many computer forensic firms can acquire electronic data, but very few firms have experts who are qualified to testify in court about what they found and how they found it. With over forty combined years of testifying experience in the area of computer forensics, Vestigant’s experts have the depth and breadth of knowledge to testify in any legal matter and in any legal forum. Our experts have testified in federal and state courts and before domestic and international arbitration bodies. These cases include employment matters, theft of intellectual property matters, theft of trade secrets cases, discovery matters (including spoliation of evidence), and divorce cases. Don’t trust your case to just anyone, trust it to the experts at Vestigant.

Compute Forensic
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Expert Testimony
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